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Working Out Your Own Salvation (part 4 fellowship)


  1. Phil2:12-13
    1. You are responsible for your salvation
    2. You must put forth effort
    3. It’s a very serious responsibility
    4. God helps you
  2. God has given us tools to work with 2Pet1:3
  3. Last lessons on how prayer and study helps us to work out our salvation
  4. Today we will consider how fellowship can help us work out our salvation


  1. The power of fellowship
    1. Fellowship, companionship, association
    2. We are social beings
    3. The power of group dynamics
      1. Herd mentality
      2. The use of support groups
      3. Mob violence
      4. Collective energy
      5. Power can be used for good or evil
    4. The power to encourage good
      1. Rom1:12
      2. 1Thes5:11
      3. Heb3:13
      4. Heb10:24-25
    5. The power to encourage evil
      1. Prov1:8-19 (2Chron10:8)
      2. Prov22:24-25
      3. 1Cor15:33
  2. We must be careful who we associate with
    1. Ps1:1, 26:4 (Not sinners)
    2. Eph5:11 (Not the works of darkness)
    3. 1Cor5:11 (Not with unfaithful Christians)
    4. Acts 1:14, 2:1, 42, 44, 46 (With faithful Christians)
  3. Avenues of association
    1. The local church Heb10:24-25
    2. From house to house Acts2:46
    3. Electronic epistles
      1. 2 Pet3:1
      2. Modern communication
  4. Dangerous fellowships
    1. Work
    2. Marriage
    3. Worldly friends
    4. Our imaginary friends (books, movies, video games, music)


The influence of others through our relationships has a very powerful effect on our behavior. That power can be for good or evil. One of the ways that God works in us is through the influence of righteous companions. It is very important then to choose carefully who we fellowship with. Spending as much time as we can with faithful Christians is a tool that will help us work out our own salvation. We must also be aware of the negative effects of unrighteous fellowship.


I earnestly and sincerely beg you to begin today working out your own salvation. Develop an active prayer life. Diligently study the word. Pursue companions who will help, not hinder your spiritual growth. Remember:

  1. You are responsible for your salvation
  2. You have to be active in pursuing it
  3. It is a very serious responsibility
  4. God will help you

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