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Working Out Your Own Salvation (Part 5 -Worship)


  1. Phil2:12-13
    1. You are responsible for your salvation
    2. You must put forth effort
    3. It’s a very serious responsibility
    4. God helps you
  2. God has given us tools to work with 2Pet1:3
  3. Last lessons on how prayer and study and righteous fellowship helps us to work out our salvation
  4. Today we will consider how worship helps us work out our salvation


  1. Worshipping God
    1. Worship: A service or rite showing reverence for a deity.-Webster’s Dictionary
    2. Proskuneo: To make obeisance, do reverence to 1Cor14:25
    3. Sebomai: To revere, a feeling of awe and devotion Acts18:7
    4. Sebazomai: To honor religiously Rom1:25
    5. Latreuo: To serve, to render religious service or homage Phil3:3
    6. Eusebeo: To act piously towards Acts 17:23
    7. “The worship of God is nowhere defined in scripture. A consideration of the above verses shows that it is not confined to praise: broadly it may be regarded as the direct acknowledgement to God, of His nature, attributes, ways, and claims, whether by the outgoing of the heart in praise and thanksgiving or by deed done in such acknowledgement.”-Vines
  2. How worship helps us work out our salvation
    1. A Christian’s purpose is to praise God.
      1. Ephesians1:6, 12, 14
      2. Jn4:23-24
      3. Phil3:3
      4. 1Pet2:5,9
      5. Heb13:15
    2. Godliness which is a life of piety and reverence before God is one of the 7 virtues that must be added to faith to make our call and election sure. 2Pet1:6
    3. We are to view our whole life as an offering to God Rom12:1
    4. Our worship is not limited to when we assemble with the saints. We are to view our whole life as having been given to God. We died with Christ in baptism and every moment of our life from there forward belongs to and is used to glorify God.
  3. Worshipping in spirit and in truth
    1. Jn4:23-24
      1. No specific physical location
      2. Not symbolic rituals and ceremonies
      3. No earthly priesthood or temple
    2. Phil3:3
      1. Circumcision without hands Col2:11
      2. Spiritual worship
    3. 1Pet2:5,9
      1. We are the temple Eph2:19-22
      2. We are the priest
      3. We are the holy nation
    4. Our sacrifices are the good works of a faithful life
      1. Phil2:17, 4:18
      2. 2Tim4:6
      3. Heb13:15-16
    5. Do we only worship God in this building? We can and should worship God often and in any location. Let us sing and pray and bow down in reverence and glorify Him in our thoughts often. Truly it will help us to work our salvation.


In order to work out your salvation you must understand what your purpose in life is. You were created to be to God’s praise and glory. If we have an Old Covenant approach to worship such as the need for a temple, priests, and physical sacrifices or if we think worship is confined to when we assemble with the saints then we have not grasped the principle of worshipping in spirit and in truth or what it means to be a living sacrifice. Our whole life is to be worship to God; every act of adoration and obedience being another sacrifice and service of our faith offered as priests in God’s temple.


I earnestly and sincerely beg you to begin today working out your own salvation. Develop an active prayer life. Diligently study the word. Pursue companions who will help, not hinder your spiritual growth and live a life that praises and glorifies God. Remember:

  1. You are responsible for your salvation
  2. You have to be active in pursuing it
  3. It is a very serious responsibility
  4. God will help you

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